After 20 rewarding years of teaching Latin and Ballroom dance, I have made the decision to retire from teaching full time. I am excited to share with you my new career as Wellness Consultant with a fabulous company, In Light Wellness Systems. For those who know me, this new venture is the manifestation of words I have lived my life by: "Health is Wealth and Wealth is Health"

Many of you may have already heard of light therapy, well now you have the chance to experience it firsthand from one of the leading systems in the industry! I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to host a very powerful event taking place on Monday, April 20th, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Oakville at TRAFALGAR. We will have the privilege of hearing from special guest Wes Burwell, a biofeedback and light therapy expert, who speaks internationally on the science behind light therapy: how it works at the cellular level and what it means for your health. We will also hear an awe-inspiring testimonial from a woman who suffered a severe traumatic brain injury last January, and how light therapy gave her back the gift of life. Finally, as my gift to you, you will receive a complimentary 20-minute session with the “In Light Wellness System”.

If you are looking for a better night's sleep, improved concentration, or the deep healing that we all know rest can bring, I urge you to come and find out more about how light therapy can help you: It will change your life. I invite you to learn, listen, and try it out for yourself! Please come and join us, bring a friend (or a few), as I set out on my journey to share this incredible system with the world!

Your support is greatly appreciated.

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