Dancing Thru Life
Burlington, Canada
(416) 81 SALSA

Peter Djakovic

Burlington Salsa Instructor

Peter Djakovic is a highly respected, popular and gifted Toronto Salsa dance teacher, who runs his own Burlington dance company, "Dancing Thru Life". Peter's professional background has allowed him to train, dance, compete and teach with some of the world's top Latin Ballroom and Salsa teachers / instructors. Peter brings a wealth of qualified knowledge and experienced instruction to his salsa dance classes; he is well known for his technical ability and styling. Peter has successfully introduced many students to Salsa with his abundance of energy and enthusiasm.

After 20 rewarding years of teaching Latin and Ballroom dance, I have made the decision to retire from teaching full time. I am excited to share with you my new career as Wellness Consultant with a fabulous company, In Light Wellness Systems. For those who know me, this new venture is the manifestation of words I have lived my life by: "Health is Wealth and Wealth is Health" Click here to read more